Safari World, offers a great variety of one stop center, fun, discovery and entertainment for visitors, of all ages and nationalities.

An exciting Safari drive through a picturesque African wildness setting and an intimate encounter with the friendly Dolphins and lots more.

Safari World. Thailand's greatest large open zoo and leisure park !!

Siam Niramit, Thailand's Must See Show !! Featuring a gigantic stage over 100 performers. Spectacular scenery, and many special effects using the world's most advanced technology. Great entertainment for all the family, the show has attracted fantastic reviews from around the world.

An elephant show complete with dramatic sound and narration. The entertainment of the demonstrations of the elephants at work and at play. See for yourself how elephants are rounded up and used during battles in ancient Siam amidst a historical back ground.


Like most big cities, there are two main types of shopping places in Bangkok. One is markets, and the other, shopping centres & department stores. Foreign shoppers who would like to touch the atmosphere of Thai-style market, seek for low-priced goods or love to bargain should go to markets. Prices in some shops and stalls in shopping centres can also be bargained, but not as much as in markets.

Bangkok has quite a number of good quality department store and superstore chains such as Central and Robinson. They have many branches located around Bangkok and other big cities. The following are some leading shopping centres grouped into areas.

Classic buys such as exquisite Thai silk, gems and jewellery, and precious antiques are rightly at the top of most shopping lists, as are leading international brand-name products. But there is also much that is now, and Thailand today pulses with artistic innovation. Inspired by traditional crafts, talented Thai designers are finding imaginative new applications of ancient forms and styles, transforming fabrics, gemstones, wood, ceramics and synthetic materials into international-quality cotemporary clothing, accessories, jewellery, home-furnishings and décor items.

Paralleling creative development has been the physical growth of Bangkok, where travellers will now find a dazzling array of modern air-conditioned shopping plazas and malls housing glittering department stores as well as select independent boutiques. These compliment rather than replace the many old-style markets and street stalls, the biggest of which is the famed Chatuchak Weekend Market, a veritable Aladdin’s cave for dedicated shopper and browser alike. As a final note on shopping, bear in mind that while fixed prices are the norm in department stores and some of Bangkok’s larger shops, bargaining is not only acceptable but also expected at most other place. There are no hard-and-fast rules for bargaining, but patience and a broad smile will serve you well in enjoying shopping as an art.

Bronzeware :

Thailand’s high-quality bronzeware has long been a favourite item for visiting shoppers. Produced by traditional techniques yet employing a number of modern innovations like a silicon coat to prevent tarnishing, this craft is employed on bowls and cutlery guaranteed to provoke admiration at a dinner party back home, as well as on large, striking figures, both animal and human, ideal for home decorations.

Lacquerware :

A northern craft particularly popular in Chiang Mai, lacquerware is used for boxes, bowls, trays, and countless other items that brighten a room and serve as a souvenir of a visit to Thailand. While in Chiang Mai, be sure to go to a factory and view the painstaking process by which each item is produced.

Thai Silk :

Thai silk is famous throughout the world and few visitors will want to leave without buying some of this lustrous handwoven fabric. Originally used mainly for clothing, it now comes in heavier weights and is finding widespread popularity in household furnishing for draperies and upholstery. Countless shops in Bangkok and elsewhere in the country offer both plain and printed silks, by the yard or made into the latest ready-to-wear fashions. Silk is also used for place mats and napkins, neckties, scarves, and to cover such souvenirs as notebooks, jewelry boxes, and eye-glass cases.

Cotton and Batik :

Thai cotton, once rarely seen outside the country, is gaining international reknown because of its supple texture and durability. It now comes in as broad a range of colours and prints as silk, often adorned with delicate embroidery, and is used for both clothing and household items like bedspreads, table linen, cushion covers, and rugs. Among the specialty cotton goods that are attracting increasing interest are those made by the hill tribes of the north, with bold designs and a lavish use of fine embroidery. In addition several studios, mainly in Bangkok, specialize in original batik designs on both cotton and silk.

Gems and Jewelry :

Exceptional gem bargains can be found in Thailand, not only in such native stones as rubies, sapphires both blue and black, zircons, garnets, and turquoise but also in imported ones brought here for cutting and setting by local artisans. The creation of fine jewelry in distinctive settings is one of the fastest-growing new Thai industries and many international connoisseurs now come here especially to add pieces to their collection; most shops have a wide selection of original items and can also make others to specific designs supplied by the customer.

Gold and Silver :

The ultimate cost of an ornament depending on the workmanship, and since the latter is relatively inexpensive there are excellent bargains in gold chains, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and other such items, all delicately handicrafted. Most Bangkok goldsmiths are concentrated in the Yaowarat area, known as the capital's Chinatown, but every jewelry shop has a selection of pieces.